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Everything changed in my life when I became a parent. I wanted to be part of my daughter's daily achievements and support my partner in this new adventure. But having a managerial full-time job in the busy city of London didn't make it possible. I had to find a way. This was the beginning of a very challenging journey and why I started this blog.

If you are on this page looking for a get-quick-rich scheme... Sorry, you are on the wrong place. But if you want to discover how to achieve more freedom and a better lifestyle to make an impact and support people you love in a big way, You are in the right place!

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About Me.

Ciao, I am Cristian. Welcome to my blog. Here you will find in-depth articles, resources and anything you need to grow your income with something meaningful and rewarding.

They Say

Peter Strauss

UI Designer

" I learned more in marketing with Cristian than in many other University modules and in my previous marketing role. Apart from being a very good marketer, Cristian is a wonderful individual and pleasure to work with."

Melanie van der Storm

B2B Head of Marketing

" Cristian is a real pro in community and team building and knows a lot about building successful companies. He inspired me to take the next step in my entrepreneurial journey when I just started out. Highly recommend to work with him."

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